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With EnergyPoint you are choosing certified and licensed professionals who provide high-quality Home Inspection and Comprehensive Energy Assessments to homeowners in or near the Portland Metro Area. 

Andre Ramirez Roberts is the dedicated owner and operator of EnergyPoint, a local and community-based company that offers a range of services including free home energy assessments, weatherization upgrades, and general project management. Born and raised in Portland, Mr. Ramirez is deeply committed to promoting home retention and energy efficiency within the African American community. With a background in entrepreneurial development and mentoring, he brings a wealth of expertise to his work.

Since 2020, Mr. Ramirez has collaborated closely with the African American Alliance for Homeownership, conducting home energy assessments and providing valuable recommendations. He has also contributed his project management skills to ensure the successful execution of various initiatives. Notably, Mr. Ramirez took the lead as project manager and installer for the Cooling Portland Program, which was financially supported by Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF). Through this program, Mr. Ramirez and his team of six installed over 1000 free air conditioning units for the most vulnerable residents of Portland. His unwavering dedication is focused on empowering African American residents and encouraging their active participation in the clean energy movement.

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